I am a passionate and experienced digital strategist.
I spend over an intensive decade on digital and social media, both personally and professionally. It started during my studies, once I was visiting the very first re:publica in Berlin. I‘m particularly interested in the change process of communication, the changing human behavior and the impact it has on almost every sphere of live. I strongly believe that human beings must come first. Technology must act as tool for their empowerment and not as a burden.
my services

Either you want to work on particular topics and process steps or on an end-to-end strategy process – I can help you with both. However, I prefer to start with developing clear goals, doing user interviews and a proper research. I have a comprehensive tool kit with methods – from service design thinking, strategic analysis and planning to campaign and communication planning. But sometimes the existing ones are not the right for a specific project, thus, I have developed own methods, too.

user experience strategy
I help my clients to understand user needs and behavior in communication and service. I look for occasions to communicate and interact in compliance with changing consumption and communication behavior, enabling technologies and new markets. I identify untapped needs and develop digital services to provide real user values.
 Fields of Expertise
user interviews (e.g Mental Model) and analysis as well as modeling of ideally users and communities of interests (e.g. persona, empathy mapping and segments);
research (e.g. trend research), strategic analyses (e.g. footprint with competition, culture, communication and company analyses)
service products and service communication, prototyping
implementation of prototypes with my partner network
I help my clients to understand and actively design the digital change with its disruptive tendencies as well as its emerging chances for business, service and communication. Thereby, I analyse technology trends as well as market and business opportunities in the digital world. Moreover, I consult in establishing and expanding of digital units in enterprises and institutions.
business model canvas, prototyping
trainings and workshops for teams and individuals
branding & communication
I help my clients to work out their brands personality, history and stories and teach on how to activate them in an ever changing digital world.
I believe that brands are no static constructs, but vivid, complex media that
act in a network of relations with people and environment. 
individual and flexible brand models and communicative norm portfolios
user-centered content- and platform strategies, user  journey design, content formats, campaign planning

Where Do I Come From

I started my professional career in Atlanta, US, where I established a knowledge management process and social technologies for the GACC South (AHK USA-Süd). Returning to Germany I worked at Weber Shandwick in the field of PR and digital communication. To follow my passion I have built up my vast experience for digital and social media with TLGG GmbH. At the time this was Germany‘s first social media agency which later on transformed into an agency for digital transformation. In the over three years I’ve worked with TLGG I established, in collaboration with other colleagues, a new agency division about data-driven marketing, led a strategy team and was in charge of many renowned companies. Moreover, I teached several years at HTW Berlin and at University of Applied Sciences Mittweida. Since 2014 I am self-employed and split my time between interesting business clients and pushing my own projects for museum and sustainability sector forward.

Proof Points

These projects are an excerpt from my work trying to capture the range from of my doings. If you want to learn more about that, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to tell you more
Trend Book
Location Enhancing App
Rapid Strategic Prototyping

My Network

I love to work with people I know. I have a great network of great people who I like and whose expertise I appreciate. My colleagues are from the fields of strategy, concept development, community management, app development, project management, consulting and design. Thus, I have the ability to fulfil orders from the beginning to the end.
André Rudolph
Digital Concept & Community Management 
Frank Tentler

Digital Change Consulting and Social Media

Kai Nicolaides

Founder and Creative Director New Now


“Beste Online-Strategie des Jahres” mit TLGG GmbH- Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation, 2011

“Agentur des Jahres” mit TLGG GmbH – Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation, 2011

Midem Marketing Campaign Award “Mein Tweet als Lied. Mit Vodafone.”, 2o12

Vlow!Award der Stadt Bregenz für das Konzept eines Digitalen Erlebnisraums, mit menschortweb, 2014

digital strategies and concepts I've developed
Percent from my income I spend for good causes
Awesome clients

I have a unique story with each client and I am happy about their trust.

Let’s make something together

I have a unique story with each client. Let`s build something together.